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5 Social Media Tips Every Business Owner should know

Today, it is important for businesses to have a strong presence on social media channels as they provide a platform to not only grow your brand but also drive sales and revenue.However, managing your social media accounts may seem overwhelming. Well, it...

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How Businesses Can Identify a Ready Customer

When trying to sell to a customer, there are certain signals you should pay attention to. These signals may be non-verbal (body language), verbal or specific actions. Here are some tips on signals to look out for in different situations: Verbal signals These are some...

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How Small Businesses Can Boost Sales

One of the important goals of every business is to increase sales and ultimately increase profit. While a small business might not have the resources of a large corporation, growing businesses still utilize many of the same techniques to increase sales. No...

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21st Century Networking

Are you having trouble finding consistent results when attending Networking events? Do you feel that Networking is NOT working for you and your business? According Derek Coburn, author of the book “Networking is not working”, these troubles are common with...

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Become a Cold-Calling Pro

Distinguish Yourself For Success: Before you place that call, make sure you build a strong list of possible leads. Find out as much as you can about them. Also, make sure the people you target are the decision makers who have the authority to shake hands...

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Personal Branding…What’s the big idea?

Close your eyes for a moment, picture the following: A portly, joyous man wearing a red & white suit, a hat, with a long white beard. A baby with a rosy face, chubby body and white wings armed with a golden bow and arrows. I bet you just thought of...

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Personal Branding on Instagram

Instagram has fast become one of the most popular photo uploading platforms where you can post and share images. With over 300 million users and over 5 billion photo uploads, it is no wonder why the photo uploading platform has taken the digital world by...

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Building Customer Relationships For Businesses

Although customers are different for every type of business, they have one in thing in common. Every customer likes to feel special, they desire a relationship with the brands they patronize. This is also what distinguishes very successful businesses with...

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Having an outstanding customer service is very essential for every business – Big or Small to remain relevant. The benefits of actively incorporating a strategy to improve relationships with your clients are numerous, to say the least. Although we know to...

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