Are you having trouble finding consistent results when attending Networking events? Do you feel that Networking is NOT working for you and your business?
According Derek Coburn, author of the book “Networking is not working”, these troubles are common with most individuals, and it all starts with the first interaction.

To be successful in the Networking world, you must be able to interact with other professionals. For example, let’s say Joe has a business and you think that your company can benefit from his, and you’re interested in working with him. In a perfect scenario, you tell Joe about you and your business and he hires you immediately. In a realistic scenario, Joe got bored listening to your pitch, took your business card, and checked out of the conversation. It’s all about building a relationship, and let’s face it, no one will see your initial interaction as intriguing if you are basically giving a sales pitch.

We have to remember that Networking professionals or attendees are people JUST like you, with similar dreams and goals. When approaching a prospect in a Networking event, ask the prospect questions about themselves, almost like the questions you would ask if you were on a date. While this may seem “unprofessional”, according to Derek Coburn, it’s how you get the prospect to want to know more about you and your dreams/goals. Having an enjoyable two-sided conversation, rather than a 5 minute one solely about you, is how you build successful relationships.

So, next time you attend one of these rituals, try focusing on the long-term relationship you want to build with professionals, rather than the desire for immediate investments.

Picking up a phone to start up a conversation with a potential client is very scary! “Will they encourage my conversation?” “Will I say the right things?” “Will they be interested in my product/services?” These are thoughts that run through the mind of every salesperson before placing that call.
Cold calling is a sales technique whereby a salesperson calls people who have not expressed an interest in his products or services. With a strategic approach, consistent effort and frequent practice, anybody can master the art of “cold-calling”. Here are a few tips you might find useful to master this art.

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