Without a doubt, Twitter is one of the most powerful platforms to increase your business’s online presence. According to Hubspot, the average Twitter user follows five businesses, and 80% of all Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet.


But how do you become successful on Twitter? Or even know where to begin? Start with these 3 things that you need to start doing on Twitter, like, NOW.


1. Build a profile worth viewing

A profile is never complete. It should always be updating and changing to stay up to date and relevant. On Twitter, you should have a profile picture and banner, as well as a handle that has your brand name in it. You should have a bio that explains what you’re about in a few words, and you should be constantly switching up your pinned tweet.


2. Add value with your content

Take this advice: “If your content doesn’t inspire conversation, it’s not worth publishing.” Make sure you’re posting with a purpose and that you have a strategy behind what you’re putting out into the Twitterverse. Get the most out of your 280 characters.


3. Engage with your audience

The Twitter community probably has the most engagement between brands and their audiences than any other platform. Make sure you’re responding to tweets, liking tweets mentioning your brand, and responding to direct messages. This will give your brand a personality and make it easier for your audience to relate! For inspiration, check out Whataburger’s Twitter (@whataburger).


Doing all this yourself can get overwhelming, and that’s why we’re here! Give us a call to ask our creative team more questions on how you can maximize your business Twitter page at 972-430-9220.