Instagram has over one billion users on their app. That’s a big number. So why aren’t you maximizing your business Instagram page? Listen up because we’re about to give you 3 things you should start doing on Instagram, like yesterday.

  1. Utilize all forms of content

If you’re going to use Instagram as one of your main social media platforms, then you should be making content for all forms on the app. This includes posts, IGTV, stories, and now Reels. Each of these is a different format of content, so you should be utilizing all of it.

  1. Interact!

If you’re receiving comments, replies, and direct messages, you should be responding to it all! Whether that be simply liking them so they get acknowledged or responding to them personally, they should be receiving something back from you. It doesn’t have to be anything complex, thanking them for their comment works!

  1. Use hashtags

Using hashtags can get your page discovered by people you didn’t even think would be interested! Don’t go overboard and use 30 hashtags though. According to Hootsuite, 11 is a good number to start with, though 1 to 3 is most common.


Doing all this yourself can get overwhelming, and that’s why we’re here! Give us a call to ask our creative team more questions on how you can maximize your business Instagram page at 972-430-9220.