3 Things to Immediately Start Doing on LinkedIn

For a B2B company, Snapchat may not be the smartest choice for social media marketing. However, LinkedIn is exactly the place you should be. Whether you use your personal profile or create a page just for your company, here are 3 things you NEED to be doing.

1. Your profile should be up to date.

If you don’t have an updated profile picture and banner, you’re doing something wrong. Your picture should always reflect your current self and your banner should be customized for your company. Along with those visuals, your headline and summary should be accurate as well. Make sure you’re updating your profile often to give out the most accurate information possible to those that may be looking for you or your company.

2. Post at least once a week

We get it, starting a new habit can be hard. Start posting on your LinkedIn at least once a week, then build up to the point where you have daily content going out! This will increase your views, connections, likes, and credibility. Make sure to not give up after a few months or everything you’ve worked for will just disappear.

3. Engage, engage, engage!

This can easily be done by replying to comments on your posts or commenting on other people’s posts. Don’t forget to like and share anything you find interesting, and always interact with your connections!

Doing all this yourself can get overwhelming, and that’s why we’re here! Give us a call to ask our creative team more questions on how you can maximize your business LinkedIn page at 972-430-9220.