With millions of registered professionals, LinkedIn is the largest resource for B2B marketers to tap into. If you aren’t on LinkedIn, or if you haven’t really been using it, it’s time for you to reconsider. The right LinkedIn marketing strategy can work wonders for your personal brand and your business.

1. Optimize your profile

One of the most obvious steps to take, but often one of the most overlooked. Whether you’re marketing yourself or a company page, it’s crucial that you make certain profile improvement that’ll increase your chances of getting noticed.

Start with a high-quality headshot for your profile picture. This will give you 21 times more profile views! Don’t have a headshot you love? Make an appointment at our studio for a FREE LinkedIn headshot here.

Other ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile include adding your current position (which can get you up to five times more connection requests). And don’t forget to utilize as many profile sections as possible, like skills, education, about, licenses and certifications, recommendations, accomplishments, and featured posts.

2. Get employees involved

LinkedIn is about the connections you make and the relationships you build. Employees play a critical role in advocating for your brand! Encourage your employees to keep their profiles up-to-date with their job position and by sharing company updates to their network. There is even a button on the admin view of company pages to notify employees of new company posts so they can like, comment, and share!

3. Publish content that adds value

LinkedIn is a great place to learning about your industry and others. If your company is an expert in their industry, show it off! Post content that brings value to readers to show your company is a credible source.


If LinkedIn isn’t in your wheelhouse, no worries. It’s in ours! Contact us at hello@purplecowbranding.com to schedule a FREE LinkedIn head shot and to learn more about making your profile outstanding.