Marketing on LinkedIn makes sense for many businesses – whether it’s to capture a B2B audience or attract prospective employees. But to fully use the platform to your advantage, you need to understand the features it offers.


  1. Control who can see your connections

Worried that you competitors might poach your clients, partners, and employees? LinkedIn gives you the option to prevent this with a feature to control who can see your connections. This lets you prevent competitors from preying on the valuable connections you’ve built and nurtured over the years.


  1. View profiles in private mode

You may want to check out competitor profiles without the visit being tracked. LinkedIn allows you to view profiles in private mode, which means you can hide your visit to the profile.


  1. Create polls to engage with your audience

LinkedIn now has a feature to create polls that your audience can interact with. This is a great way to drive quick engagement and also gain valuable insights into your connections.


  1. Encourage real-time engagement with LinkedIn Live

Live video has become pivotal for brand engagement on social media. So LinkedIn Live was a welcome addition to the platform. Live videos on the platform get 7x more reactions that native videos from the same broadcasters. And they get 24x more comments.