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Mr Stingy

Hello, we know you wouldn’t spend that money if you don’t have to, and that is totally okay! But how about this: After all, this smart technique has got you this far. Well, we’ve got great news for you, with only a token you can get your money’s worth. In this package, not only do you get our amazing digital marketing services, you also get a General strategy recommendations across relevant channels.

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Mr Conservative

Hey Mr. Conservative, you like to scrutinize every proposal before investing, and that we commend. If there is anything we learned in business school, not every idea is worth investing in.You are sure to enjoy our amazing digital marketing package and you will definitely come back for more! In this Package, not only do you get a General strategy recommendations across relevant channels, You also get custom tactics for three channels.

Mr Luxury

Who doesn’t want a little extra? Well, we know you do! And We must tell you, our premium package is the way to go. Get optimal digital marketing service and watch your sales skyrocket.  With our Custom Email marketing solution, you get to build a mailing list for 2,000 – 5,000 clients and even send 3 custom Emails every month.

Mr Outrageous

Don’t we all love the full package?  A wise friend once told me bigger is always better. The premium plus package is definitely the way to go to get our most innovative digital marketing system for business owners.  In this package you get all our digital marketing services for keeps – this includes a platform to build a mailing list for over 5,000 clients and the opportunity to send unlimited custom Emails to them.

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