Having an outstanding customer service is very essential for every business – Big or Small to remain relevant. The benefits of actively incorporating a strategy to improve relationships with your clients are numerous, to say the least. Although we know to have active and happy customers are important, as business owners, we get too overwhelmed with the day-to-day activities involved in keeping the business stable that we often forget to do little things that make your customers feel special.

In this article, we share five tips to make building outstanding relationships with all your clients as easy as can be.

1) Train your staff

The journey to having an outstanding service begins in-house. As a business owner, it is important to take time to train your members of staff – especially the first set you bring in to join you. Remember that after all, they will be having regular interactions with your clients.   Subsequently, these members of staff you’ve trained can train new intakes. Look at it as an investment. When the people who work you understand your values and just how seriously you take customer service.

2) Understand your client’s pain points

The logic is simple, once you understand your client’s / prospect’s pain points, it automatically gives you a window! – A touch point as you could put it.

 Once you understand what you what your customer’s needs, you can adequately provide the right services tailored to that specific need. Knowing your customer’s pain points can also help in up-selling / cross-selling to clients. But remember, the only way to understand your client’s pain point is by building a relationship with them first.

3) Be sure to respond quickly

When customers have a concern or questions they like to get the responses immediately. Therefore, they are delighted when they get people to respond to them in no time. Every business owner can leverage on the power of social media to engage with clients in real time.

4) Provide useful resources

Your customers should not just be responsive to the services you offer; it is a good idea to provide them with useful resources for free! If your business has a website, you could offer your viewers educative resources via your blog.  Also, if your business is offline, like a coffee shop, you can provide magazines or books for your customers to read while enjoying their delicious cup of coffee.

5) Send out customized messages and Greeting cards

This tip comes in really handy when there is an occasion to celebrate. These celebrations include your client’s birthday or national holidays. When you send custom messages to your clients, they feel special and a sense of belonging to your business.  This translates to loyal customers for your business.


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