Distinguish Yourself For Success:
Before you place that call, make sure you build a strong list of possible leads. Find out as much as you can about them. Also, make sure the people you target are the decision makers who have the authority to shake hands on the deal, figuratively speaking.

Build A Connection
Breaking the ice over the phone is not an easy thing to do, and that is why the opening of the call is regarded as the most important part of the call. Here, you are given a really small window to make a lasting positive impression and gradually establish a connection with the person you are speaking with.
If your call ends up being curt and inadequate, do not feel bad — just move on and make the next call with the same excitement you had.

Know Your End Goal, But Stay Flexible
It is very important to write a script that can serve as a template to be used for your phone call. When developing the script, think about the goal and tailor your script to win over the prospect.
The most effective scripts are often structured to ask for an appointment and are flexible enough to allow the salesperson to adapt based on the situation.
Prepare for objections

Try to map out all possible objections and apprehensions that the prospect may raise over the course of the call and develop a strategic reply to each potential hurdle. Brainstorm with your colleague on prospects pain-points and how you win them over despite their fears. When you’ve envisaged the potential obstacles, it is easier to give impressive answers when you eventually have the conversation with your prospective clients.

On a final note, the best way to perfect your cold calling skills is through constant practice. Repeat cold calling each day and soon you will master the art.