Planning your social media doesn’t need to be complex and expensive. We’re a small business (just like you) and we like to save our pennies wherever we can!

To help you out, we’re going behind the scenes of Purple Cow Branding to show you how we schedule social media posts! It’s simple, it’s easy, and the best part… it’s FREE.


We use two programs to get our social media up and running. First, we use Excel (yeah, you read that right) and then we schedule everything to post automatically using Buffer (the free version, of course).

Our Excel sheets look like this:

Let’s break this down.

First, we have our date and day columns, which are pretty self-explanatory. We put the dates of all the weekdays of the month with their corresponding day of the week. If the cell is in color, it’s a posting day! If it’s gray, we aren’t posting anything.

To the right of that is our platform column. This is where we specify what social media platform each post will live. Our main outlets we like to use are our website blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. (BTW, you should totally follow us. Links below!)

Next is the most important chunk of information. We have our main column “post” with a few sub-columns (post text, post URL, and content type). Post text is where we’ll put our copy for what our text will read, whether is be for a tweet, caption, or regular post. This is where we’ll include hashtags as well.

Moving one column to the right, we have our post URL. This is where we’ll put any links that we want to include in our post, if there is one. This may be included in the main text, or it might be in the comments section.

Our last sub-column is content type. This specifies if the post is a blog, tweet, Instagram post, Instagram story, or any other type of post. We like to include this in case someone else needs to take over a social media manager for a day!

Finally, we have our notes column. Anything important can go here, but we tend to use it as a place to note what stage our post is in. Usually, you’ll see “scheduled” or “published” in this section.

Some other important things to note about our Excel sheets:

  • The colors of the columns don’t mean anything! They are just to make the spreadsheets easier to see (plus, our social media manager likes to make it look pretty)
  • We separate each month into its own sheet so we can go back and look at our archive by month if we ever need to
  • We made it a template available for YOU to use too!

That’s right! We’re going to attach a free version of this template! Just click here to use our template for your own business.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 972-430-9220 or