When is the last time you updated your head shot? Ready for an update? It’s time to prepare to get your new and improved photo looking perfect!

Here are 5 things you should be thinking about the next time you get your head shot taken.

head shot

1. What’s your side?

Learn which side of your face is more photogenic. Help your photographer cut the guesswork and find which side is your best side.

2. Consider what to wear.

Solid colors work well when taking a head shot. Ideally, you should wear colors that compliment your skin tone or show up well. For example, if your skin is pale, don’t wear white or bright yellow.

3. Makeup shouldn’t be made up.

If you’re a gent with a shaved head, a little powder to lessen glare from lights will go a long way. Even if you’re covering up a zit, caked on makeup doesn’t look great on camera and will only highlight the area you’re trying to cover up. Sometimes you really don’t need it.

4. Simple jewelry

Jewelry can look beautiful but not all jewelry shows well on camera. Hoop earrings might look great at a gala, but on camera, not so much. Keep it simple and you’ll be glad you did. We’re photographing YOU, not your jewelry!

5. Be comfortable being uncomfortable

When posing for your photo, your photographer may put you in some seemingly odd or unnatural positions. Rest assured, the end goal is to make you look your best so be open to it, but do let them know if you need a moment to exhale or gather yourself before the next round of photos.


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