Content batching is a productivity technique where you create all of your captions or visual content during a set period of time.

For example, instead of spending an hour planning, creating, and publishing one Instagram post, you’ll spend that hour writing or “batching” an entire week of captions.

While this may sound like more work, it’s actually the opposite!

With content batching, you’re able to focus your creative energy without jumping from task to task, and can plan content weeks in advance – creating a more cohesive approach to your social media strategy.


So… how?


Step 1: Identify your content pillars

Content pillars are 3-5 topics you’ll consistently discuss and create content for on social media.

For example, our content pillars are social media, websites, video production, branding, and events! We post how-tos, tips, tricks, and other information on all of these topics.


Step 2: Analyze your posts

Review the performance of previous posts and videos to get insight into the type of content your audience engages with most.

Ask yourself:

  1. When was the content published? Was it at the most optimal time to post?
  2. What was the call-to-action (CTA) in the caption?
  3. What format did you use? Was it a video, graphic, or lifestyle photo?

Once you have an idea of what worked well (and what didn’t) you can create more high-performing content.


Step 3: Brainstorm new content ideas

After establishing your content pillars and analyzing your best performing social media posts, it’s time to brainstorm content ideas.

First, note any important dates including holidays, launches, and campaigns to ensure your content is relevant each week.

Next, review frequently asked questions from your community.

Then, start brain dumping any additional ideas like content to repurpose or new trends to test.


Step 4: Write your captions for a month

Now that you know the type of content you’ve planned, it’s time to start writing captions!

Use this formula to help write engaging social media posts:

  • Hook: This is the first line in your caption that will draw your audience in and stop their scroll. Use wording that will compel them to read more.
  • Line Breaks: Avoid cluttered captions by using line breaks. It will also make long captions easy to read.
  • Emojis: Depending on your brand voice, emojis can add more personality, color, and emotion to your caption.
  • CTA: Boost your post engagement by inviting your audience to take action.


Step 5: Design, photograph, film, edit, and choose your posts

Whether you’re using Canva, taking your own photos and video, or using stock images, it’s time to find visual content that relates to your caption!


Step 6: Schedule your posts

If you use a social media scheduler (which we HIGHLY recommend), input all your posts you batched so you don’t need to worry about publishing your content manually!