With a rapidly growing user base of 774 million professionals, LinkedIn provides organizations with unique opportunities. Beyond being a great place to share content and showcase thought leadership, LinkedIn performs almost 3 times better than Facebook for generating visitor-to-lead conversions. Creating and maintaining an up-to-date LinkedIn Page is crucial for any marketing strategy.

At a glance, running your LinkedIn Page might seem pretty simple. But growing an engaged following on LinkedIn is quite different compared to any other social network. So, we’re breaking down the anatomy of the perfect LinkedIn Page whether you’re looking to optimize your current profile of start from scratch.

First things first: the basics.


Choosing a logo and cover photo.

Chances are you already have the creatives on deck for your logo and cover photo. In addition to your tagline, this is what users will first see when checking out your business.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter where you might use a cover photo of your team, clean and colorful imagery is your best bet on LinkedIn. When in doubt, keep it simple.


Filling out your LinkedIn profile.

Any given LinkedIn Page contains a series of subsections. Businesses should ideally fill all of these sections out 100%, with the exception of the “Jobs” section if you aren’t hiring.



This section highlights your organization’s basic information, including a brief “About” blurb and a place to list industry-specific keywords in the “Specialties” field.


Ideas for effective LinkedIn posts:

  • Question based content
  • Articles and industry-specific posts
  • Resources and case studies
  • Event coverage
  • Employee showcase
  • Culture-centric content