Whether you’ve been running your brand’s Instagram for a few months or several years, running an Instagram audit for your brand or business is never a bad idea.

But what’s the best way to do this?

Below, we’ll go into what an Instagram audit is, and a few tips on doing it yourself!


What is an Instagram Audit?

An Instagram audit is an opportunity to ensure your account is aligned with your business goals. It’s kind of like spring cleaning but for your account.

The end goal is to make sure all your content on Instagram has a purpose and is supporting your brand’s objectives.


How to do an Instagram Audit

Running an Instagram audit is easier than it sounds! You must first consider your business goals and KPIs, as they’re the foundation you build your strategy on. From there, you can audit your entire Instagram presence, from your visuals to your hashtags.

Follow the steps below to track your progress!


  1. Set your Instagram goals and identify KPIs

What are your business goals, and do they align with your Instagram goals? You may be focused on gaining traction with your target customers. Or maybe, your goal may be to generate sales.


  1. Review your marketing tools

Take the time to review your end-to-end Instagram workflow. What apps are you using for content creation? What about for scheduling? Are they working for you? Do you need to find something better?


  1. Assess your engagement levels

Ask yourself the following: Am I replying to comments and direct messages? Am I following like-minded businesses and creators? Am I interacting with other accounts? Am I collecting UGC? Am I keeping track of my most engaged followers?


  1. Review the content you share

To grow your account, you need to be creative with your content strategy. Are you using all of Instagram’s formats to your advantage?

There are so many different content formats you can share: Stories, feed posts, Reels, IGTV, Lives, Guides, and Shoppable posts.

Your content mix should be well-rounded and a holistic representation of your brand.


  1. Check your branding, voice, and aesthetic

Now that you’ve covered the content formats, you can focus on your visual branding, tone of voice, and overall aesthetic.

Your audience should understand who you are and what you have to offer without needing to tap through more than just a few posts.


  1. Evaluate your bio

Your Instagram bio should get to the heart of your business and capture the attention of your audience. Take a moment and answer these questions: Is my Instagram bio accurate and similar across platforms? Is my Name Field descriptive? Does my bio succinctly explain what my brand is/does? Have I used descriptive keywords? Am I optimizing the link in my bio?


  1. Evaluate your hashtags strategy

Love them or hate them, hashtags are a valuable growth strategy for any brand.

Are you selecting relevant hashtags for your brand and audience?

Do you have at least one branded hashtag that you consistently use?

Are you using niche hashtags instead of broad ones with millions of posts?

For a more in-depth dive of hashtag strategies, take a look at our blog here.


Take your Instagram account to its fullest potential by using this guide as a starting point for your next Instagram audit.