Instagram has fast become one of the most popular photo uploading platforms where you can post and share images. With over 300 million users and over 5 billion photo uploads, it is no wonder why the photo uploading platform has taken the digital world by storm.

Instagram is not just a social network anymore; Instagram has been a major platform for building up your personal brand.  
Building a strong brand on Instagram isn’t only important for your business, but it is essential for attracting the right audience to your personal brand as the platform has become a huge market for building up brands. Many brands and individuals are using this platform for personal branding – and are on top of it!
So what are these brands and people doing right Let’s take a look at 4 techniques of building an outstanding personal brand on Instagram.

Be Unique
Unique brands – professional and personal; are the most successful brands on Instagram and other social media platforms inclusive.
Be confident in who you are and what you offer. A lot of times people post things they think their followers would like, and end up posting redundant pictures which have almost nothing to do with their brand!
A good practice is to blend your professional and personal brand. It’s okay to show off your personality, while still letting your followers know you’re running a business!

Create and promote your own hashtag
Using hashtags on Instagram is probably the most used technique to attract new followers that share your interests. But, I bet you never thought you could create your own hashtags. Making your own hashtag highlights your brand and in the long run, makes it stronger. For example, a lot of bloggers create their hashtags and use them in their posts.  By using these hashtags their followers will look forward to their next post.

Optimizing Your Bio
Just like your LinkedIn profile and Twitter bio, it is important to optimize your bio. Elise Darma, an Instagram expert explains it’s a good idea to segment your bio into two parts. The first part of your bio should quickly explain who you are and what you do.
Although Instagram provides a limited space to make an impression, it’s important to instantly let your visitors who you are and what your business actually is. So, instead of making your bio all about you, try to focus on your target customer and how your Instagram profile will help them.
The second part of your bio should be used as a call-to-action for the link in your bio. Since Instagram only gives you one link on your profile, Darma recommends using that last line to tell users what’s in it for them to click your link.

For example, if you’re offering a new promo, make sure to let your profile visitors exactly what the link does.

Stay engaged
Finally, engaging with other accounts is really important when you want to build your brand, not just Instagram but on any social media platform. To begin, you should post some photos that can engage users and make them comment. Following this, you can start your interaction with people that comment on your posts and engage them in an interesting conversation, by simply replying to their comments.


How to Brand Yourself on Instagram: 5 Tips to Attract Followers