Are your archives full of your best pieces of content? Is it all helpful and well-written? It would be such a shame to just let them sit there! That’s why repurposing content is a great idea. You can put life back into old content and continue to gain traction and engagement from your best posts.


So, what are the benefits of repurposing content?

  • Saves time in the content creation process
    • Repurposing content saves you so much time because you won’t have to create content from scratch.
  • Get an SEO boost
    • When you have multiple pieces of content around the same topic, it creates additional opportunities to target a desired keyword.
  • Reach a new audience
    • If you repurpose your content for a different medium, it allows you to reach new audiences in different places.
  • Reinforce your message
    • Typically, the consumer needs to hear from you 7 times before they buy. Reinforcing your message in the form of repurposing content can be an essential part of sending a message that sinks in.


4 Ways to Repurpose Content

  • Build an infographic
  • Create an E-book
  • Create a Carousel
  • Repost and re-promote


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