Social media can be a daunting project for businesses. There is plenty of potential, but also a lot of room for mistakes. There isn’t a cut and dry way to use social media, but there definitely is a wrong way. Whoever the blame falls on, there’s plenty of room for negativity.

Fortunately, even if a mistake is made, there are usually ways to make it up to users. No matter if it’s as big as posting the wrong thing or as small as leaving a customer question unanswered, you can bounce back.

While one mistake won’t end a business forever, it’s best to have the knowledge to avoid as many mistakes as possible. Here are 3 things you should avoid doing on your social media.

social media

1. Quantity over quality

There will always be people claiming you should post as much as possible to stay at the top of the feed. However, with that large of a quantity of content to create, that will sacrifice quality. It will be better in the long run to cut down on the numbers of posts and amp up the quality. Spend more time on each post making sure it’s valuable to show your followers that you are the expert in your industry, and they should be listening to what you have to share.

2. Sticking to one platform

It’s easy to look at the number of platforms there are out there and stick with the one you’re most comfortable with. By limiting yourself to one, you miss out on tons of other opportunities. Different social media platforms are designed to meet the needs of a specific audience. Like your business has a target market, so do all the social media platforms out there. For example, LinkedIn is a space for professionals and B2B marketing. Rather than having followers, you have a network of connections. Other platforms like TikTok are far less professional and draw a younger crowd. The best way to overcome this is to choose 2-4 platforms that match up with your target market and post regularly, while interacting with those that post similar content and readers that interact with your content.

3. Ignoring negative feedback

One of the worst mistakes a social media manager can make is ignoring customer concerns. Or worse, DELETING the negative comments. Being transparent with your customers and audience will only bring you positive results. Be honest, offer recompense where necessary, empathize, and remain professional!


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