There’s nothing cooler than when your favorite brand interacts with you only social media. We love the brands that give those moments to their followers!

Social media engagement seems like the perfect strategy. Shouldn’t everyone be doing it? But it definitely comes with questions.

Should you be replying to everyone?

How can you make sure you capture all your mentions?

What are the best ways to respond quickly?

Today, we’re running through some of the reasons why investing in engagement makes business sense.

One of the quickest ways to set your brand apart on social media is simply to reply. If you reply to all your followers happily and helpfully, then you’re ahead of most other brands out there.

So, what are the benefits of social media engagement?

  1. Social media engagement is public

With social media engagement, you will organically amplify your brand’s voice and your interactions will be front-and-center.

  1. Social media engagement is fast and focused

You can deliver delight very fast and in a focused way by chatting with your audience about specific topics or helping solve particular problems that they’re facing.

With a focus on the short and sweet, the barrier to entry for your audience drops dramatically.

  1. Social media is where your customers are

You can achieve a huge scale of engagement by being responsive on social media. People spend an average of nearly four hours a day consuming media on a screen.