If you’ve been on any form of social media lately, you’d know there’s a new up-and-coming social media platform called Clubhouse. This platform is BRAND NEW, hitting the app store less than a year ago. And it’s already valued at over $1 billion.


So… what is Clubhouse?

Well, it’s an audio-only app that allows users to have conversations and form communities around topics that interest them. Currently, since Clubhouse is so now, it’s in it’s beta phase, so you have to be invited by someone who is already a user to join and gain access to the app. On top of that, it’s only available on iOS. Sorry Android users.


Though, like we mentioned, it’s still in it’s beta phase, which means it’s constantly being reviewed and improved, so there will be changes before it’s opened up to the public. As it stands right now, the main features are:

  • Audio-only communication
  • The app is structured around “rooms” of people talking to another
  • All rooms are open, meaning you can enter into the “audience” of rooms
  • You can virtually raise your hand
  • Conversations can’t be saved or recorded
  • Community guidelines and rules are in place to protect users


What makes Clubhouse different is their interest-based communities. Yes, there are profiles and you’re able to follow people and be followed, but it isn’t focused as much around engagement metrics. The focus is around having conversations about your interests and building communities.


So… is it worth the hype?

Our verdict is it is definitely worth the hype if you’re looking to find or build a community based on interests, and expand your network. The only downside is that it isn’t available for everyone yet!


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