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One-on-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings can easily turn into social hour. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your one-on-ones with this booklet! We provide your pre-meeting discovery checklist, power questions that help you build better relationships, and how to follow up.

One on One

Networking Scorecard

Don’t let all your time networking go to waste! After each networking event, fill out our Networking Scorecard to keep yourself accountable and get the most out of each event.

Networking scorecard

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for New Users

Learn how to build relationships and increase your ROI with this comprehensive guide to LinkedIn for beginners!


Trade Show Resources

Exhibiting at trade shows is an invaluable way to market your brand and build relationships, as it allows you to showcase products and services and foster relationships with customers and prospects. Make sure you’re prepped with our trade show resources.

Trade show resources

Networking Toolkit

Begin your journey to becoming a better networker by checking out our Networking Toolkit. Let us be your guide to making networking work for YOUR business.

Networking toolkit

LinkedIn Resources

Use LinkedIn to your advantage and let it work for you! Find all our resources on mistakes you’re making, how to make your profile look the best, and the best book to level up your LinkedIn game!


Power Team Worksheets

Keep track of your power teams! Use these worksheets to fill in the names of your networkers to keep yourself organized.

Power Teams


Need to get inspired? Check out some inspirational pieces curated by Rob Bliss to print and hang by your desk to get motivated!

Principles of Success

Get Clients Now! Action Worksheet

We all need to stay organized and come up with a strategy on how we plan on getting new clients. Lucky for you, we have the perfect worksheet to help get you started!

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Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

We understand that small business just don’t have the funds for huge marketing plans. But marketing is still important, So how do we get the most bang for our buck?

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How to Conduct a One-on-One

“You have a budget and finance plan. You have a strategy plan. You have a plan for just about everything. But where’s your people plan?”

-Keith Ferrazzi

One on One

Connect & Collaborate Worksheet

 As seen in the “How to Conduct a One-on-One” presentation.

Networking scorecard