Month: April 2021

Social Media Image Sizes: The Ultimate Guide

Visuals are extremely important for any digital marketing strategy. But, if your graphics don’t look their best, your content won’t do very well. Every platform has its own optimal sizes for visuals, so make sure you’re using the correct sizing. Trying to find the...

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Instagram Stories vs. Reels

With TikTok-like features on the rise on other social media platforms, how can we keep them all apart? There are so many forms of content that it gets hard to keep up with the differences. So, what’s the difference between Instagram Stories and Reels?   1. Reels...

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How To: Repurposing Content

Are your archives full of your best pieces of content? Is it all helpful and well-written? It would be such a shame to just let them sit there! That's why repurposing content is a great idea. You can put life back into old content and continue to gain traction and...

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