A logo is one of the most critical tools for your business and marketing strategy. It’s not just a random picture you think looks nice. It provides your small business with its own identity and represents who your company is! Here are 4 reasons why you need a logo for your small business (if you don’t have one already):


1. First impressions are EVERYTHING.

Your logo is one of the first things people see when they discover your business. It’s kind of like putting a face to a name! You want to wow your customers with an eye-catching design, rather than just plain text. 


2. It’s the foundation of your brand identity

Your fonts, colors, and the overall vibe of your logo is the beginning of who your company is as a brand. It aids in creating all your branding materials like business cards, websites, flyers, and everything in between.


3. It makes your business easier to recognize

There are some companies that have logos that are instantly recognizable. The golden arches? McDonalds. The swoosh? Nike. Without their symbols, these companies wouldn’t be where they are today.


4. You build loyalty

With the familiarity comes loyalty. When customers see your consistency in branding and know your logo, they become loyal to your brand! 


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