Did you know that using content to build your business is just as important as using a digital marketing strategy? But what is the real difference between the two?

Which strategies should your business be using and where should you start? We have all the answers to help you curate a perfect marketing strategy whether it is driven by digital marketing or content marketing.

Content can be anything from writing a blog post (like this one), to creating photos, videos, and even playlists! This type of marketing stimulates consumer interest in a brand. It makes people aware of your brand, also known as brand awareness. This is KEY in customer acquisition and retention. When you produce great content, it gets people excited about your product or service.

Content can also build trusting and lasting relationships with your customers. Take a blog, for instance. It can be used to answer customer questions, teach about subjects in your industry, and show off work your company has done in the past. If you write quality content, you will become a trusted expert. When customers look to you for advice, they trust what you are saying, which means they are more inclined to also trust your product or service.

On the other hand, digital marketing includes tactics like SEO, PPC, or running ads on social media. Your goal here is to capture conversions. When customers see an ad you have, make it as appealing as possible, so they click to go to your website! The role of digital marketing is to get customers to go beyond the search results page.

So, what is the difference between content marketing versus digital marketing? The simple explanation is that content marketing focuses mainly on engagement whereas digital marketing is focused on sales.


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