Instagram has been on a roll with exciting new updates for their users! If you haven’t gotten access to these new features on Instagram yet, don’t worry, because they will be rolled out to everyone soon.



Instagram has now made links in Stories available to everyone! This is a HUGE deal to creators and brands everywhere. Up until now, only accounts with over 10,000 followers were able to add links to their stories. However, with the new Link sticker, now accounts of all sizes can utilize this crucial feature.


To add a Link sticker:

  • Capture or upload content to your story
  • Select the sticker tool from the top navigation bar
  • Tap the “Link” sticker to add your desired link and tap “Done”
  • Place the sticker on your story and tap on the sticker to see color variations





Have you seen the latest trend of users posting their loved ones with a sticker that says “Who are you in love with?” We sure have! This is a new interactive sticker on Instagram dubbed “Add Yours” that can be used to share special photos via Instagram Stories. This is a very exclusive sticker that was only released to those in Indonesia and Japan. However, you can still participate in this trend!

These trending stickers were created by user @astrida_03. Go to her Story Highlights and look for the “addyoursticker” category. There, she saved stickers for a variety of things! Once you pick a sticker, tap “Add Yours” to pull it up on your story. From there, you can take a photo or upload one!



You can now post on Instagram from your desktop! Simply go to on your computer, log in, and click the + icon in the top right. From there, upload as you normally would on your app!


How will you be utilizing these new features on Instagram?


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