Looking to increase engagement on Instagram? With Instagram’s newly launched features, there’s more opportunities to drive likes, comments, and re-shares than ever before.

From Reels to Stories stickers, there are plenty of ways to expand your reach and encourage interactions between you and your followers.


Make More Instagram Reels

Video content should be a huge part of your content planning. Part of video’s success is due to how algorithms prioritize video content. Algorithms boost content based on user engagement. Since video content grabs user attention longer than image or text-based content, it’s more likely users will see videos versus static, graphic posts.


Use Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram Stories stickers are not new per se, but they’re effective and interactive – which will increase your Instagram Stories engagement dramatically. Something as simple as adding the music sticker with trending audio or linking out to a website can help your followers quickly take action. There are a few different types of stickers to use like:

  • “Add Yours” Sticker

    • This sticker is a way for accounts to create viral content chains. This sticker encourages your followers to share a photo. You can make this trend relate to your brand more specifically by asking them any niche-related questions.
  • Instagram Polls, Quizzes, and Music Stickers

    • These types of stickers are great ways to show off your personality via Stories. Creating silly polls or quizzes will gauge your audience’s interest while also having a lot of fun. There’s also the question box sticker that allows accounts to share a story with the question box sticker like “ask me anything” that lets you followers write in questions for you to answer throughout the day.


Interact with Comments and Direct Messages

A huge social media trend in 2022 is brands becoming more human. Followers and customers want to know there is a person behind the account. By interacting with comments and DMs, you’re able to build trust with your audience and also become more transparent.


Incorporate memes

Relatable, shareable, and near-universally liked, memes are a solid way to keep your content current. They are a way to play with pop culture and appeal to all kinds of audiences.


Write captions with Call-To-Actions

Captions with a clear call to action can significantly improve engagement. The more comments you receive the first hour your post is live, the more your post will show up in your followers’ feed. When writing captions, it’s smart to ask your followers to do something such as add their answers in the comments or re-share to their story to enter a giveaway.


Leveraging the tools you have on Instagram and creating content that directly calls out your followers is a great way to connect with them and drive future engagement on your account.


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