Despite it typically being an afterthought when planning content, captions carry a ton of weight for each post and can be one of the more challenging parts of content creation. But don’t let it slow you down! Here is a caption writing 101 workshop to turn anyone into a master copywriter.


Why Captions Matter

Captions are an integral part of your content strategy that require just as much thought as the more graphic elements of your post. This tiny bit of copy should be leveraged strategically as a driving force within your post, prompting your audience to click a link, feel a feeling, or learn more about you and your brand.


Crafting Your Caption Strategy

Thoughtful copy takes time and effort and works for the betterment of your content. The first step to making caption writing easier is developing a simple strategy to focus your writing.\

A good caption strategy, much like a brand guide, should be mindful of your overall goals and objectives. Having a clear sense of your overarching mission will help cultivate and refine your caption strategy and alleviate the stress of writer’s block.


Key Things to Remember When Writing Instagram Captions

  • Every good caption should contain value, purpose, and a strategic end goal
  • Ensure your captions have a clearly defined call-to-action: What should people do or take away from the post?
  • Maintain an original, authentic voice and tonality that matches your brand personality. Don’t force popular slang, sayings, or meme language if it doesn’t feel natural to your brand


Hopefully this handy guide serves as a jump start for adding a shiny new caption strategy to your Instagram game.