In this age, social media is EVERYTHING. And with all the different platforms and types of content, it gets hard to keep up with what you need to be doing! If you’re feeling lost and like you’re in a social media rut, here are 4 ways to up your social media game.


Plan out how your feed will look.

This is more relevant for Instagram. A great way to look like you know what you’re doing (even if you don’t) is to plan out how your Instagram grid looks. By this, we mean what your profile looks like when scrolling through the overview of you posts. Having a clear, intentional theme on your grid makes you look put together and like you have a seasoned professional running your account!


Keep your branding consistent.

Using your color palette and fonts throughout posts keeps your social media consistent with your brand. This makes it easier for consumers to know it’s really you posting on the account, and makes it easier for them to trust you!


Be interactive.

Respond to EVERYTHING. Comments, replies, direct messages, and everything in between should be acknowledged. This shows your audience that you’re responsive and interactive with them, making them come back for more.


Be human.

Show that there is a real person behind the account. It’s never fun interacting with a faceless, person-less company. Great ways to do this are signing off with your name when you respond, showing employees off, and doing behind the scenes photos.


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